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Kyiv Post- 16/07/2023
(Un)celebrated Ukrainians Who Changed the Course of History: Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine

Le Journal Des Arts – 21/06/2023
Vladimir Baranoff-Rossiné sort du silence

Apollo – 27/02/2023
Ukrainian modernism deserves to be understood on its own terms

Chatham House – 03/02/2023
Meet the artists, writers and musicians defending Ukraine

The Collector – 02/02/2023
What Is Orphism and How Does It Relate to Orpheus?

Le Monde – 30/12/2022
A l’abri de la guerre, des œuvres de l’avant-garde ukrainienne sont exposées au Musée Thyssen-Bornemisza de Madrid

Times of Malta – 29/11/2022
‘More to offer’ than war: Ukraine works on display at Madrid museum

e-flux – 27/11/2022
In the Eye of the Storm: Modernism in Ukraine, 1900–1930s

The New York Times – 24/11/2022
Ukrainian Art Goes on Show in Madrid, Defying Russian Missiles

The Guardian – 23/11/2022
Ukrainian art convoy defies Russian bombs to go on display in Madrid

BARRON’S – 25/04/2022
Christie’s Raises Funds for Ukraine Through Sales in London and New York

Artnet – 30/03/2022
MoMA Swiftly Reinstalled One of Its Galleries to Feature Works by Artists Born in Present-Day Ukraine

MoMA – 29/03/2022
Collection Gallery – In Solidarity

Visual Music – 21/10/2021
The Art Of Sound And Light, St Petersburg

La Tribune de L’Art – 29/07/2021
Un autoportrait de Vladimir Baranoff-Rossiné pour le Musée national d’art moderne

Fortune Magazine – 14/04/2021
Crypto millionaires’ love of NFTs is a boon for the aging art market—but galleries may miss out

The Business Times – 26/03/2021
The NFT effect on Singapore art

Decrypt – 26/03/2021
Russia’s State Hermitage Museum to Host NFT Art Exhibition

Decrypt – 26/03/2021
This 96-Year-Old Russian Futurist Painting Now Comes With Its Own NFT

RTTNews – 23/03/2021
Avant-garde Artist Baranoff-Rossine’s Painting To Be Auctioned As An NFT

Cointelegraph – 21/03/2021
Painting by avant-garde master Baranoff-Rossine to be auctioned as a NFT – 21/03/2021
Dzieła znanego malarza zostaną sprzedane w postaci NFT – 20/03/2021
Lelang NFT Karya Pelukis Yahudi, Dimulai dari Rp171 Juta

Brave New Coin – 19/03/2021
Mintable – An NFT auction of a 96 year-old painting by Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine

DailyCoin – 19/03/2021
NFT to Make Art History

Crypto Reporter – 18/03/2021
Old Meets New as NFT Marketplace Mintable Auctions 20th Century Avant-Garde Artwork

CoinDesk – 17/03/2021
Avant-Garde Painting to Be Sold With NFT-Backed Proof of Provenance

Marseille News – 17/03/2021
Une œuvre de l’artiste Baranoff Rossiné devient NFT grâce à Mintable

The Daily Triumph – 17/03/2021
Avant-Garde Painting To Be Sold With NFT-Backed Proof Of Provenance

The Cryptonomist – 17/03/2021
A work by artist Baranoff Rossiné becomes an NFT thanks to Mintable

SiamBitcoin – 17/03/2021
งานศิลปะแนว Avant-Garde จะประมูลขายในรูปแบบโทเคน NFT ปลายเดือนมีนาคมนี้

Tecnoblog – 17/03/2021
Obra de arte de 1926 terá certificado registrado como ativo digital NFT

ARTFIXdaily – 17/03/2021
Avant-Garde Cubo-Futurist Artist Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné’s Original Painting Comes With NFT in Upcoming Auction

Crowdfund Insider – 17/03/2021
NFT Marketplace Mintable Auctions 1926 Painting Abstract Composition by Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné

The Odessa Journal – 21/02/2021 
Art in Ukraine: Izdebsky salon and the independent Odessans

Youtripagent – 12/01/2021
L’Avant-Garde Russe Du Cubisme Au Surréalisme

Russian Art & Culture – 09/07/2020


Indonesian Design – 07/06/2020
An Introduction to Abstract Paintings and Movements

Galerie Le Minotaure – 06/06/2020
Music and Synesthes

The Wall Street Journal – 10/10/2019
With Its Expansion, MoMA is Bigger, Yet Somehow Smaller

Our Town – 08/10/2019
MoMA Reimagined

Artnet – 11/10/2019
See Dozens of Photos From MoMA’s New Galleries

Massmoulin – 02/12/2019
Le cubo-futurisme russe -8/13 Billet n° 121

Alchetron – 14/07/2018
Cubo Futurism

Chez Sentinelle – 24/02/2017
Le peintre Vladimir Baranoff-Rossiné

il manifesto – 27/08/2017
Baranov-Rossiné, un re della luce venuto dall’Ucraina

Amherst Bulletin – 14/10/2017
Art in the age of smartphones: Mead Art Museum brings photography to the forefront – 16/11/2017
The most expensive paintings of Russian artists

artdaily – 12/01/2015
‘From Chagall to Malevich, the Revolution of the Avant-Garde’

The Wall Street Journal – 28/07/2015
Artists With an Eye for Music

The Moscow Times – 26/05/2014
Russian Art Takes Center Stage in London

Le Revenue – 19/04/2013
Enchère record pour une toile de Baranoff-Rossiné

Art Ukraine – 10/08/2012
Vladimir Baranov-Rossine – Our man in Paris

Umatic – 01/02/2010

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – 06/05/2009
I See (Promotional video)

The Telegraph – 01/07/2008
Art sales: Russians help boost prices – 19/12/2007
Indepth Art News

The New York Times – 01/07/2005
With Music for the Eye and Colors for the Ear

120 Years of Electronic Music – 10/06/2002
The ‘Optophonic Piano’, Vladimir Rossiné, Russia and France. 1916

The Washington Post – 01/05/1998

Le Monde – 25/06/1988
La redécouverte de Baranoff-Rossiné Vladimir l’oubli

Vladimir Baranov-Rossine – Odessa to Paris

Institute of Aerospace Technologies
Spotted Camouflage Pattern

Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine (1888-1944)

Milena Olesinska
Cubo-Futurism Wladimir Davidovich Baranoff-Rossine

Xavier Gazon
CHROMATIC – Color-Controlled Record Player

Jesse Lucas
PERSYSTOGRAF – Audio-Visual Engine

Timeline of music technology

art bars
Great paintings of all time

The Art Story
History Of Orphism

Russian Art

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