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What’s On – Find out what’s being exhibited at museums

  • Fashion – Some of the collection featured on the London catwalk.
  • Auctions – Some of the finest auctions that have taken place over the years.
  • Museums – Discover some permanent exhibitions you can visit all year round.
  • Exhibitions – Find out what’s been on: from individual, posthumous, and individual exhibitions.
  • Bibliography – A list of books and publications featuring the collection.
  • Optophonic Piano – Discover the piano that projected revolving patterns using painted glass disks.

About – Learn all about Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné

  • Biography & Memoire – Read the biography, slideshow and memoires.
  • Video Collection – Discover some of the latest videos and reviews.
  • Family Photos – Go through some old family photos throughout the years.
  • The Team – Meet the team behind the website and collection.
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