Exhibitions during his lifetime
Date City Exhibition Venue
1907-1908 Moscow Stroganoff School, Stephanos
1908 Kiev The link (Zweno)
1909 St. Petersburg Vienok-Stephanos
1909 St. Petersburg The Impressionists
1910 Paris Salon des Indépendants
1910 Paris Salon d’Automne
1911 Paris Salon des Indépendants
1912 Paris Salon des Indépendants, Salon d’Automne, La Ruche: optophonic piano concert
1913 Paris Salon des Indépendants, Salon d’Automne.
1914 Paris Salon des Indépendants
1916 Kristiana Oslo Gallery Blomquist, Optophonic Piano concert
1916 Stockholm Optophonic Piano concert
1917 Petrograd Mrs. N.E. Dobytchina’s Artistic Bureau
1918 Petrograd Mrs. N.E. Dobytchina’s Artistic Bureau, “First Contemporary Art Exhibition” “Mir Istkousstwa” (The world of Art)
1918 Moscow Exhibition
1919 Petrograd Palace of Arts, former Winter Palace, Open State Exhibition of works of art
1922 Moscow Exhibition
1922 Berlin Van Diemen Gallery, “Russian Art Exhibition”
1923 Amsterdam Municipal Museum
1928 Paris Studio des Ursulines: Optophonic Piano concert
1926-1929 Paris Salon des Indépendants
1930 Paris Studio 28: Optophonic Piano concert
1933 Paris Salon des Indépendants
1937 Paris Exposition Internationale de Paris (International Paris Exhibition)
1938 Paris Salon des Indépendants
1939 Paris Salon des Indépendants, Charpentier Gallery, “New Realities”, 16th Salon des Tuileries, l’Equipe Gallery, “Contemporary Art Exhibition of Corsica inspired works”
1939 Limoges Prefecture, “Exhibition of Musical Artists”
Posthumous Exhibitions
Date City Exhibition Venue
1954 Paris 65th Salon des Indépendants – Retrospective
1955 St. Etienne Art and Industry Museum, La nature morte de Géricault a nos jours (Still life from Gericault to date)
1966 Eindhoven Stedelijk van Abbe-Museum, “Art, light”
1967 Paris Modern Art Museum, “Light and Movement”
1968 Paris Modern Art Museum, “Russian Avant-Garde Art”
1969 Paris Jean Chauvelin Gallery, “Aspects of Russian Avant-Garde”
1970 Paris Salon des Indépendants
1971 New York Leonhard Hutton Galleries, “Russian Avant-Garde 1908-1922”
1973 Paris Grand Palais, Salon des Indépendants, “Art from 1912-1914”
1973 London Fischer Fine Art, “Tatlin’s Dream – Russian Suprematist and Constructivist Art: 1910-1923”
1974 Heidelberg Kunstverein, “Russische Visionen” (The Russian Vision)
1975 Paris Salon des Indépendants
1978 Munster Westfälisches Landesmuseum, “Abstraktion – Kreation: 1931-1936” (Abstraction – Creation)
1978 Paris Modern Art Museum, Abstraction – Création
1979 Paris Grand Palais, 90th Salon des Indépendants, L’Or des Années Folles, (The Treasures of the Golden Years) Gallery Bellini, “Les russes – Paris” (The Russians in Paris), Pompidou Centre, “Paris – Moscow: 1900-1930”
1983 Berlin K’nste Academy, Symbolismus Futurismus. Aspekte russischer Kunst zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts (Aspects of Russian Art at the beginning of the 20th Century)
1984 Paris National Grand Palais Gallery, “One Century, One hundred Masterpieces”, “Primitive Art/Modern Art”, G. Pompidou Centre
1985 Ludwigshafen Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Apocalypse
1986 Paris National Modern Art Museum, Georges Pompidou Centre, Qu’est-ce que la sculpture moderne? 1900-1970 (What is modern sculpture? 1900-1970”
1986 Venice Palazzo Grassi, “Futurismo & Futurismi”
1987 Winnipeg Canada, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1912 Break up of traditions
1987 Cologne Gmurzynska Gallery, Meister des XX Jahrhunderts (20th Century Masters)
1987 Budapest “Art and Revolution” Exhibition
1988 New York Roy Anderson & Linda Gould Gallerv, “Art at the Armory”
1988 Vienna Austrian Museum for Applied Arts, “Kunst und Revolution”
1989 Berlin Berlin Gallery, Stationen der Moderne
1989 Turin Lingotto
1989 London Roy Miles Gallery
1992 New York Modern Art Museum The Great Utopia
1992 St. Paul de Vence Maeght Foundation Art in Movement
1992 Frankfurt am Main Schirn Kunsthalle, Die grose Utopie (The Great Utopia – Russian Avant Garde) 1913-1932
1992 Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, “De Grote Utopie”
1993 Moscow Tretiakov Gallery, “Vilikaya Utopia”
1993 Munich Stuck Villa, “The Avant garde and the Ukraine”
1993 Paris 9th District Town Hall, Association of Russian Painters in France
1994 Clermont Ferrand Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, ‘international colloquium on Father Castel and the ocular harpsichord’
1997 Milan Capitani Gallery
1998 Strasbourg Modern Art Museum
1998 Paris Towards media ecology
1999 Paris Montparnasse Museum
2000 Bordeaux Beaux Arts Museum
2000 Paris UNESCO
2001 Paris National Modern Art Museum – l’Ecole de Paris
2001 Basle Museum
2002 Bordeaux
2002 Munich Biedermann Gallery
2003 Madrid Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Kandinsky and his contemporaries
2003 St. Paul de Vence Maeght Foundation
2003 Paris D’Orsay Museum “Aux origines de l’abstraction 1800 – 1914” (The origin of abstraction)
2003 Bordeaux Beaux-Arts Museum “Paris Russe 1910 – 1960” (Russian Paris)
2003 Paris Montmartre Museum, “Un été russe – Montmartre” (A Russian Summer in Montmartre)
2003 Wuppertal Van Der Heydt Museum, “Russisch Paris 1910 – 1960” (Russian Paris)
2004 Paris Pompidou Centre, “Musique et Arts Plastiques au XX eme siecle” (Music and Plastic Art in the 20th Century)
2004 Washington Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Color Music: Synaesthesia in Modern Art, 1908 – 1968
Individual Exhibitions
Date City Exhibition Venue
1916 Kristiania Oslo Blomqvist Gallery, first optophonic piano concert
1924 Moscow Meyerhold et Bolcho Theatres, 3 optophonic piano concerts with his wife, Pauline
1954 Paris Art Vivant Gallery, “Rossiné, Retrospective”
1970 Paris Jean Chauvelin Gallery, “Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné”
1970 London Rutland Gallery, “Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné”
1972-1973 Paris National Modern Art Museum, “Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné”
1983 Berlin Brusberg Gallery Retrospective “Bilder und Blätter 1904 – 1938” in collaboration with the Berliner Festspielen.
1984 Paris Verneuil St. Pères Gallery, “Baranoff-Rossiné, 1888-1944”
1988 Paris Bourgoin Pissaro Gallery
1995 Berlin Brusberg Gallery, “Haupt-und Nebenwege: Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné”, Bilder und Blätter 1907-1938.
2002 St. Petersburg Russian Museum – retrospective
2002 Moscow Tretiakov Gallery – retrospective

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