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A selection of some of the finest auctions that have taken place over the years.

La route au village (c1908-1912)

Oil on canvas 70.9 x 90 cm

La route en campagne (1911)

Oil on canvas 70 x 87 cm

The Rhythm - Adam and Eve (1910)

Oil, pencil, crayon on canvas 202 x 293.3 cm

Self-portrait with brush (1907)

Oil on canvas 80 x 64.2 cm

Tete cubiste (1913)

Oil on canvas 46 x 34 cm

Cresendo ralenti (1928)

Oil on canvas 116 x 89 cm

Counter relief (1913)

Wood 131 x 54 cm

Muse à la harpe (1933)

Oil on canvas 116 x 82 cm

La femme nue

Gouache on cardboard 72 x 50 cm

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